Mary, Joseph – and Jesus

Posted on December 23, 2009


Elvira Arellano

As we were getting ready for Christmas this morning, Saulito and I heard on the news that in a little town in Italy men with guns are going to house look for people without papers to arrest and deport.

We heard to the protests of the church – that these things should happen during the Holy Season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We celebrate not only the birth of Jesus but the struggle of Mary and Joseph to find a safe place for him to be born – and then to travel to Egypt by night to find a safe place for him to live.

Why did Herod seek to kill the first born males in order to find and destroy the Messiah! Herod feared the loss of his power and his position. He doomed himself and his government to self-destruction – always the fate of those who live by fear and hate.

Sadly, it is not only in this little town in Italy where families are still be persecuted by those who live by fear and hate. We know too well that the persecution of the migrant, the separation of families, is everywhere. As we look to justice for our families from the Congress in the United States in the next few months, we will not forget those who come up through the southern border of Mexico and receive such brutal treatment. Immigrationd is a global problem but that is no excuse for any country to fail to confront it with justice.

We want to be happy during the Christmas season. Remember, however, that ALL of us want to be happy during this season. It is not right that some children will spend Christmas waiting for a knock of the door that will take their mother or father away.

The joy of the birth of Christ, the wonder of the miracle of birth, stands side by side in these Holy Days with the evil of those who would search and destroy that joy.

In God’s eyes, every family is a Holy Family, every child a son or daughter of God. Let us make a Christmas Resolution ! On this day of the birth of Jesus, of the struggle of Mary and Joseph, let us commit ourselves that this year will be the year of justice for immigrants.

What you do in New York can start a chain of action all across the globe – up and down the continent. For if your voice is heard in New York by Senator Shumer, comprehensive immigration reform will begin in the U.S. Senate in January.

Like the ringing of a bell, that will send off bells riging across the nation. The passage of comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. will send the ringing bell of justice all across the world.

New York – Let your voice be heard! Remember Mary and Joseph and Jesus! No more excuses ! No more delays !