Next steps in the struggle

Posted on January 8, 2010


The “Final Mile” in this phase of the struggle for legalization has begun. While we suffered through the broken promise of the first year we also built on new layers of our movement throughout the nation and in Mexico and Central America. We have a short window in the next 100 days to pass legislaiton that will bring relief to our families and change forever the demographic base of power in the United States of America. If this window closes without achieving legalization the nature of our struggle will change dramaticly as legislative relief would become extremely unlikely.
This is the time for unity, for energy and for mobilization by every means !
Below is notice of the next event familias unidas is holding in Chicago. We invite the participaiton of all in the chicago area !

Our website – is operational in both english and spanish. We will be glad to post notices and reports on actions and reports on action from around the country, Mexico and Central America and the Carribean. Please send what you want posted to
We had some problems last month with this list serve and a few people asked to have their names removed. We have corrected those problems but if you still want your email removed please reply to this email and sim;y write “cancel.”.

For Familialatinaunida
yours in struggle,

Pastora Emma Lozano
Pastor Walter L Coleman

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