Statement of Emma Lozano, Co-Chair, Familia Latina Unida / Sin Fronteras

Posted on April 16, 2010


April 16th National May Day Press Conference

As you have heard, on May 1st we will march again and we will march with more unity than ever before. Each week I look at the families in my church – those already separated and those who live in fear.

Like other churches, each week new people show up at our doors, desperate for help. A woman going into labor whose husband has been arrested in their home, taken away in his underwear in front of his children.

A mother who has given her daughter to this country in Iraq and now prays every day with her U.S. citizen son for her husband to be able to stay with them. It is happening everywhere – and we are angry.

This is not what Obama and the democrats promised. It is worse than under Bush. And they are still making promises and still breaking them. And so we will march again but this time it is different.

The specter of Arizona, where AN ARMY of Obama’s ICE agent joined with local racist Gestapo to terrorize a whole state, is haunting this nation. That is not the future the people of this nation chose.

We demand that legislation be introduced in the Senate by April 30 and scheduled for passage in the Senate and House by June 15th. We demand a moratorium on 287g programs and the separation of families by April 30th.

If these things do not happen by April 30th, then on May 1st , Obama and the Democratic leadership will see a million people across this nation walking away from them. And you will see thousands beginning civil disobedience as we will begin here in Chicago in a few hours.

Through our faith, we are already united, already one. Broken promises and broken laws cannot separate us, for what God has put together, no man can separate.

Familias Unidas, families and churches, will march from Providence Rhode Island to Houston Texas, from Orlando Florida to San Jose California, from Charleston South Carolina to Detroit Michigan.

Our message is clear: no legalization, no reelection. No moratorium, no peace. We are not a little loud tea party, President Obama, tearing apart this nation with hate – we are a five course Banquet of faith, hard work and family. We are millions!

We are one. Vamos Todos al Banquete!

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