Latino Congressman meet with President Obama

Posted on May 4, 2011


Congressman Gutierrez had begun his 30 city campaign on March 30 after the Congressional Hispanic Caucus unanimously put the demand for Administrative action before the President. On May 4th, after Gutierrez had brought the campaign to the first 15 cities, the President finally agreed to meet with the 20 Congressmen and Senator Bob Melendez to respond to their demand.
Leading up to the meeting, the Obama administration unleashed a massive public relations campaign claiming that there was nothing he could do administratively and assembling high powered group meetings to “get the ball rolling for immigration legislation in the Congress again.” White House media missiles were aimed at Gutierrez to try to stop the campaign.
At the May 4th meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus however, the President admitted that he did have the power to use his discretionary authority to grant relief to the parents of U.S. citizen and dream act eligible children. It was also agreed that no legislative solution was possible in the next two years. The President, however, “thought it would be bad politics for him to do what the Congressmen were asking of him.”
Congressman Gutierrez, in his statement after the meeting, said “There is no longer a debate over whether the President has broad discretionary power when it comes to deportations. The question is how broad and how generous the President chooses to be. This is not a question of politics. It is a question of human rights.”
Asked about the possibility of passing legislation in the next two years, with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, Gutierrez responded that “I will not participate in lying to our community. Nothing is going to happen for us in the Congress in the next two years. I will continue the Campaign for American Children and Families – I will be in Indiana this week-end – to get the President to stop the deportations and separation of our families. He has the power to do it. He has a promise to keep.”

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