Harvest 7: “The Leaves of the Trees are for the Healing of the Nations”

Posted on October 7, 2011


When we hear that someone we care about is sick, we pray for them. When we hear that a family is in trouble, divided and fighting, we pray for them. When we hear that immigration has arrested someone, that they are threatened with deportation and may be separated from their husband and children we pray for them.
Almost one year ago, we began praying in this church for God to help us, to guide us, to protect our families from deportation. We struggled this year. We took on the President of the United States. Our families stood up and gave their testimony in public. Our children marched. Our young people walked out of school, marched and went to jail for their families. Yet we are just a poor church without political power in this society. But we prayed and we tried to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. And God did come into our lives and he took our prayer all across this country. In August, we took our families our young people and our children to Washington D.C. in front of the White House.
We had a wonderful leader who took our cause across the nation, who subjected himself to arrest on that day in front of the White House, who subjected himself to attacks and humiliation from the most powerful man in the nation, the President of the United States.
And we prevailed. We did not pass a new law. We did not protect everyone but we won protection from deportation for millions of people!
Remember Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. God called Moses to return to his people in who were slaves, without rights, in Egypt. He went to Pharoah and said “Let my people go.” Moses said “recognize their humanity. Treat them like the children of God.” They had come to Egypt in times of famine in their own countries to find work and food and now were treated as slaves in Egypt.
The Lord brought plagues on the Egyptians. Pharoah did not give in right away. But when these plagues were going on, the Lord saved the people of God. A plague was coming that would kill the first born boys of all the people. The Lord told Moses to sacrifice a lamb and to paint the doors of the houses of the people of God with the blood of the lamb. All of those who had the blood of the lamb on their doors were saved from the plague and that sent a strong message both to the people of God and to the Egyptians. The people were still slaves – but they were saved from the taking of their children. That gave them faith and they persevered and soon the time came when they gained their freedom.
The concession we won means that if a person is seriouisly ill, then they will not be deported. We have two wonderful mothers with U.S. citizen children who need transplants. We have been praying for them. What we have won from Obama this year is their protection from deportation. They are protected.
We have many families that are struggling to stay married. Some have separated and they are trying to work out new relationships so that they can raise their children. We have been praying for them. What we have won this year will protect them from deportation.
We have families who are in hard economic times. They have lost jobs and lost their houses. That puts strains on their family. We are praying for them and their children. What we have won this year will protect them from deportation.
Like the people after the Passover, after they had put the blood of the lamb on their doors and been protected, we have won protection. At least here in this church we know that God came into our lives this year, that he gave us a Passover, that he gave protection to millions of people from deportation, from being separated from their families.
It is Harvest Time and the book of Revelations has given us the vision of the prophet. The vision told of great troubles the Roman empire would go through – and we have seen this nation go through its work economic times in a century and through some of the worst tornados and floods and oil spills. God is challenging the arrogance of this nation.
The vision of the prophet said God would give his people the blessing of the Virgin of Guadalupe to sustain their faith, the lady chased across the desert by the dragon of hate, the Lady who was protected by God. And we have our Virgin with us today.
The vision said the angels would place their seal on the people so that they would not be harmed by the arrogant nation – and we have been protected.
Finally, after calling on the people to keep their faith and their traditions, the vision said that the Lord came down to earth. We think of heaven as a place we go to after we die But the prophet said that heaven came down to earth. And he said that the people would be in the presence of a river of life and that there would be a tree of life and that the leaves of the trees would be for the healing of the nations.
When we feel the presence of God in our lives, as we have this year, then we are coming to know God We are in the presence of God, now, while we are alive. When we live in that presence together, as family, as people, then the Kingdom of God is here on earth.
Why have we been saved? We are the trees that God has planted in this nation. And God has given us a river of life here in this church to keep us alive And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations
We have been saved to heal. Take what has happened this year as a sign. When you speak to your husband or your wife to night, speak to them with love, listen to them with love. When yu speak to your children, give them your full attention. Take time with them.
We are going to work very hard this year to heal the sick, to provide health care for those who have been denied it. Let uspray for those who need healing today with all of our hearts
We are going to work very hard to heal families that are falling apart.
We are going to work very hard this year to reach out to our young people to stop the shooting and the killing in the streets.
We are going to work very hard to heal the divisions in our people so that we can become strong and powerful in this nation and bring justice here
And we are going to pray as we work. We have been saved to heal – and the presence of the Lord is giving us the power to heal.
I feel grateful today. Don’t you feel grateful? I am thanking God today for what he has done. I am feeling that God is really here. The river of life is running through this church. Some of the seeds of faith that were planted have grown up and we have our harvest. I just don’t want us to forget that we have been saved for a purpose, we have been saved to heal.
Take another look at your lives this morning. Broken families and broken relationships can be healed. Broken lives can be healed. God can make everything new. God can make everything new. Broken bodies can be healed. God can make everything new.
This week we called for the formation of committees, Las Morenos. In the next seven weeks we will begin to organize those committees. They are healing committees. They will defend people from deportation. They will provide health cre. They will register people to vote both in the us. And in Mexico. And they will pray together, they will be the trees whose leaves are for healing. Assembly time is coming!
This is the last Sunday in Harvest Time. Next Sunday we will blow the trumpets of assembly time. We will gather up those who have been touched by God this year and we will make ourselves ready for the battles and the healing that God has saved us for.
Thank God and make yourself READY!

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