Christmas Letters to President Obama:

Posted on December 8, 2011


TO: ALL MEDIA                                                                                      



CONTACT:  Emma Lozano: 773-671-1798

 “Don’t Take Away our Parents”

In August, after a yearlong Campaign for American Children and Families, Homeland Security announced a new policy of “Prosecutorial Discretion” which would set aside the deportation of most parents of U.S. citizen children. DHS promised to review 300,000 existing cases and to review any future cases for qualification for discretion.

While the bureaucracy drags its feet, the deportations and separation of families continues. The review of existing cases promised in August has still not started. A “pilot review” has begun in Baltimore and Denver and in those cities deportation hearings have been suspended until the review is complete. The Latino community, already frustrated with the President’s broken promise to push immigration reform in his first 100 days, now asks why hearings and new deportation charges are not being suspended everywhere while the bureaucracy comes in compliance with the new policy.

“Families should not be destroyed, especially over Christmas, because bureaucrats don’t do their jobs.”

Thousands of children and young people were involved in the yearlong campaign to win relief for their parents in 2011. Now they are sending letters to the President from across the country telling the President to make Homeland Security KEEP HIS PROMISE.

Children and High School Students are invited to bring their letters to novenarios to the Virgin of Guadalupe Thursday and Friday Evenings at 6:30 at 2242 S Damen, Lincoln United Methodist Church. We recall that the Virgin appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 when the indigenous were suffering under the conquest of the European conquistadores. She continues to give people of all ages faith and courage in times of trouble.



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