Posted on December 15, 2011


Dear Friend of the Struggle for Justice,

We would like you to consider giving a generous donation to Centro Sin Fronteras as the year 2011 comes to a close in order to make your donation tax deductible next April 15th. We ask you to join with us in some very important efforts.

The Campaign for American Children and Families

Centro Sin Fronteras has had a remarkable year. We initiated the Campaign for American Children and Families with Congressman Gutierrez. Our idea was to convince President Obama to use his executive authority and prosecutorial discretion to stop the separation of families. Centro organized non-violent sit-ins at ICE, major rallies, a high school walk-out from 13 high schools, a  “Lockbox” voter registration campaign, a children’s march on Washington and helped to coordinate the Congressman’s 30 city campaign.

We accomplished our objective. ICE has already begun closing the cases of thousands of parents of U.S. citizen children! These are families that will now spend Christmas together in peace and many are now eligible to apply for work permits.

With the new policy in place, Centro went to work to help the resistance to anti-immigrant laws in Alabama and South Carolina. Centro set up a defense committes in Charleston and won highly publicized deportation cases using the new “discretion” policy. Congressman Gutierrez traveled with us to both Alabama and South Carolina for large rallies and for meetings with ICE. Still facing terrible state laws our people now know that in most cases they will not be deported by ICE when local law enforcement turns them over to them.

The 4 plus 1 to get 20 Health Care Campaign

Centro began organizing a youth health serve corps in 13 high schools last year. High School Seniors worked to provide screening for breast cancer, prostate cancer, hiv/aids, hypertension and diabetes. At the same time, the youth involved in the program were supported in enrolling in courses that will make them eligible for employment in health careers.

Those who were screened come from a community of people that would not be covered by the proposed national health insurance reform act. By providing early detection of treatable disease we are working to expose and to close the 20 year life gap in Chicago: a gap in which people in our communities live 20 years less than those in more affluent communities.


While Centro is involved in many activities we feel these two initiatives are critical. We need to continue the pressure on the Obama administration to implement the discretion policy. That means we must organize defense committees and train volunteers throughout Chicago and assist others to form defense committees around the country. We need to meet our goal of recruiting 1000 high school students to achieve the screening of 10,000 people for breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension and hiv/aids. By doing this we are organizing the demand for the expansion of health care to uncovered communities.

Unfortunately, grants to support these two initiatives have not been forthcoming. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. We have learned that on cutting edge issues, state and foundation funded organizations retreat in order to keep their funding. We feel it is vitally important at this time to develop a popular and independent base of support for our movement.

For this reason we are asking you to support the work of Centro Sin Fronteras  now and to consider becoming a regular donor. We ask that you make a donation and identify other friends that we should add to our donor list.

Thank You for your consideration!

Emma Lozano, President, Centro Sin Fronteras

Rev Walter L Coleman, Familia Latina Unida Ministries


Pease accept my tax deductible contribution of ____ dollars to support the work of Familia Latina Unida/Centro Sin Fronteras. (Checks should be made out to Centro Sin Fronteras, and sent to Centro Sin Fronteras, 2009 W 22nd Place, Chicago, Illinois, 60608. We will respond with a letter documenting your contribution for tax purposes.

Here are the names of friends who I believe you should add to your donors list:

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